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After several years of news and articles on International Law and International Relations, we decide to go forward and look to the future of academic publications on transnational law and international relations.

Having settled on a monthly publication schedule (first issue will appear March 2010), LAWINTER REVIEW will focus to online, always at no cost, commentary on developments in World Law.

The transnational reach of LAWINTER REVIEW is achieved through its online presence, the high calibre of its contributors, authors and editors. 

We hope you will join it!







   Mercosul Tax Rules and Brazilian Internal Legal System

    -  Fabio Luiz Gomes


    International Environmental Law in a brief overview on Genetically Modified Organisms

    Daniel Freire e Almeida


    The Risks of Carbon Capture for the Environment and the Civil Liability in Brazil

    -  Lucas de Lima Carvalho


    Report on the 1985 Hague Convention

    -  Verônica Scriptore Freire e Almeida


    The Adhesion Contracts in the Brazilian Civil Code

    -  Fabíola Vianna Morais