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  The Lawinter World Group is a pioneering open-access review for the publication of knowledge and commentary on Law, International Law, and International Relations.

  It has been online and freely available since 2001 (lawinter.com).

  Founded to present an opportunity to students access the pedagogical materials of international law, linking cutting edge international law with “today’s classroom”, Lawinter has become a connection center for scholars around the world in various branches of Law and International Relations.

  The global reach of Lawinter is achieved through its online presence, the high caliber of its contributors, authors, and editors.

  More recently, Lawinter World Group included the publication of Books from Swiss and United States to the world.

  Lawinter Review and Lawinter Editions warmly welcome submissions of high-quality, including articles, Books, essays, case-notes, comments, and reviews, which focus on Law, International Law, and International Relations.  Lawinter Review and Lawinter Editions publish in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese.

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Silviana Cocan - PHD - University of Bordeaux - France & Université Laval - Canada / Postdoctoral at

Université du Québec  - Canada.

Wei Dan - PHD - Coimbra University / Professor at University of Macau - China.

Alexandra Harrington - PHD - McGill University / Professor at Albany Law School - USA.

Evita Dionysiou - PHD - Panteion University / Professor at Athens Metropolitan College - Greece.

Dattesh D. Parulekar - PHD - Goa University - India & Johns Hopkins University - USA /

Professor at Goa University - India.

Shivani Sanghavi - LLM - Georgetown University - USA / United Nations Legal Assistant - IRMCT -

The Hague - The Netherlands.

Andrea Carcano - PHD - University of Milan / Professor at University of Milan - Italy.

Cora Cheung - Masters - Leiden University / Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology - Singapore.

Rafael Leal-Arcas - PHD - European University Institute - Italy / Harvard Law School - USA  /

Professor at Queen Mary University of London - United Kingdom.

Abbas Poorhashemi - PHD Université de Strasbourg - France / Scientific Member & President of the

Canadian Institute for International Law Expertise (CIFILE) - Toronto - Canada.

Vittorio Mainetti - PHD - Graduate Institute Geneva / Professor at University of Milan - Italy.

Ivo Josipovic- Professor at University of Zagreb / President of Croatia (2011-2015) - Croatia.

Daniel Freire e Almeida - PHD and Postdoctoral - Georgetown University - USA / Professor and Lawyer.

Sibilla Sartori - Masters of Laws - University of Verona - Italy / International Law - Geneva - Switzerland.

Ana Cláudia Nascimento Gomes - PHD - Coimbra University - Portugal / Prosecutor and Professor of Law.

Donatella M. Viola - PHD - London School of Economics and Political Science /

Professor at University of Calabria - Italy.

Ana Maria Freire P. M. Almeida - PHD and Postdoctoral - Sao Paulo State University - Brazil.

Lina Reyes S. - PHD - Université Paris Nanterre - France & Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - Spain.

Danilo Fontenele Sampaio Cunha - PHD - PUC University - Brazil / Federal Judge and Professor of Law.

Fabio Luiz Gomes - PHD ongoing Coimbra University - Portugal / Lawyer and Professor of Law.

Marie Gerardin - PHD - Capella University of Minnesota - USA /

Professor at University of Edinburgh Law School - Scotland - United Kingdom.

Raimundo Nonato Chaves Neto - PHD ongoing at Lisbon University - Portugal / Lawyer and

Professor at Lisbon University - Portugal.

Yangzi Tao - PHD Keio University - Japan / Space Generation Advisory Council at United Nations

(National point of contact - China).

Thalita Leme Franco - PHD - University of Sao Paulo - Brazil / Lawyer and Professor.

Fatih Öztürk - PHD - Istanbul University - LLM Queen´s University - Canada - 

Professor at Istanbul University - Turkey.

Fabíola Vianna Morais - Masters - Coimbra University - Portugal /Professor of Law.

Bashar H. Malkawi - Doctor of Juridical Science at American University Washington College of Law - USA /

Dean and Professor of Law at University of Sharjah - UAE.

Verônica Scriptore Freire e Almeida - PHD - Coimbra University - Portugal / Lawyer and Professor of Law.

Walid Fahmy - PHD Université Nancy 2 - France / Legal Counsel on the African Court on Human Rights.

Ana Carenzi - Masters - Université de Montréal - Canada / Internationalist.

Sabrina Lanni - PHD / Associate Professor at Milan University - Italy.

Umberto Machado de Oliveira - PHD - Coimbra University - Portugal / Prosecutor and Professor of Law.



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ZURICH, Switzerland



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