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After several years of news and articles on International Law and International Relations, since 2001, we decide to go forward and look to the future of academic publications on transnational law and international relations.

Having settled on a semester publication schedule (first issue appeared in March 2010), LAWINTER REVIEW will focus to online, always at no cost, commentary on developments in World Law.

The transnational reach of LAWINTER REVIEW is achieved through its online presence, the high calibre of its contributors, authors and editors. 

We hope you will join it!






LAWINTER REVIEW, ISSN 2153-4020, New York (United States of America) and Zurich (Switzerland), is currently accepting submissions for publication.


submission by e-mail: review@lawinter.com

check out here!          www.lawinter.com/submissions.htm





 The Complex Brazilian Tax System: An Approach to a Civil Law Country p. 607/628

   -  Artur Alves da Motta

 Environmental Licensing in Brazil: A Simplified Guideline for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Projects p. 629/662

  Bruna Missagia - Marcelo Lampkowski - Pedro Henrique Silva Bezerra -

Roland Montenegro - Odivaldo José Seraphim

 Strong Reasons for an International Tribunal for the Internet p. 663/694

   -  Daniel Freire e Almeida          

  The Importance of Internationalization Process in a Private University from Bauru-SP   p. 695/745

   -  Bruna Salles Pulino



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